Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Maybe I should have called this blog "frugal house design"

I suppose I have called this blog "logical" house design, as excessively huge houses to me, are not logical. They are a waste of space. They cost heaps to build, on many occasions sit empty and cost a shit load to keep clean. If we want to see who has the nicest or biggest house or is the richest and we really need to show off, lets just forget about that, drop our pants, and compare where it really matters. I mean, to some extent, it's childish to build a huge house with 15 guest rooms and 5 bathrooms, just in case, you know, you feel like taking a crap on the third floor instead of in the basement.

Why do we build such huge houses? Is it because we can? Why do we build houses out of brick? Is it because we have been doing that for hundreds of years? Why is it important to have a huge kitchen? Do we need 30 pans and 50 sets of dinnerware (actually, some of us may need that). Honestly, lets consider the notion that a "logical" house, is a small house. A logical house is a house that is logically efficient and cheap to build, so that everyone can have one, so that it can be built quickly easily and safely. One that perhaps uses recycled materials, such as a shipping container. Seriously, mindsets have to be challenged, thought processes re-evaluated and comparing who has the best/biggest house is just plain silly...

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