Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Simple = Logical

So far in my travels down this path of a 'logical house' I haven't actually thought too much about the overall aspects that are plain 'logical'. 

So here is what I have so far criteria wise:

1. A structure made out of zinc/roofing material. As much as I hate to admit it, this is probably the cheapest/fastest way to construct a structure that will stand the test of time. Perhaps one wall could be replaced by cement sheeting just to create some aesthetic, but for simplicity and ease, this seems easy. 

2. Limited internal walls.

3. Prism shape. This one is pretty logical, they are the easiest and cheapest to construct and fabricate. 

4. Concrete slab floor.  While some people would say a sub-floor works out cheaper, it is bay far a much more inconvenient to build upon, especially considering Criteria 1 and 2.

5. Single level, minimum height.

6. All internals would be 'renovator friendly' stuff, like floating laminate flooring and carpet tiles. These are the easiest to install and are definitely DIY, saving a bundle.

So far this is it. Comments?

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