Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The location

It occurred to me recently that a HUGE factor of building a "logical" house has to include the obvious factor of its location.  So where exactly would we find a logically built house? I've got it down to three criteria:
1. Climate. One of the major challenges of building any house is the attention paid to insulation,  as well as the mandatory heating and cooling systems throughout the house.  However,  if the house is built in such a location where both extreme hot and cold are virtually eliminated,  I would classify it "logical". Places such as the Sunshine Coast in Australia, where,  although at times it gets muggy,  there is hardly a need for heating or cooling.

2. Proximity.  For a house to be logical,  it must be within a reasonable proximity to basic conveniences,  as well as the householders' work place. 

3. Land.  One of the huge issues I feel is beginning to envelope our world is the loss of "old worldliness". In this particular context,  I am talking about growing your own food. In the good old days, a typical plot upon which we placed houses on were almost always surrounded by some veggies and fruit growing sporadically in veggie patches and formal areas.  While it's only a small element,  this connection to the outside does in fact allow a "logical" boost to our lifestyles by eating freshly picked produce straight from our own tended gardens.  A logical house would be built on a site where it world be possible to grow a significant amount of fruit and vegetables to almost sustain it's residents without the trip to the shops.

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